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Helper Application

Internet Explorer

What is TCP model

What is the Telenet

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Assignment-Web Technology Program List

1) Write a javascript program to copy text from different field.

2) Write a javascript program to derermine Fibonacci series.

3) Write a javascript program to validate a form that contain name, password and address.

4) Write a javascript program to determine an odd or even no.

5) Write a javascript program to determine a number/string which is palindrome or not.

6) Using VBScript Find the length of string without using Length function.

7) Using VBScript Swap 2 numbers without using temporary variable.

8) Using VBScript Check whether the string is a Palindrome or not.

9) Using VBscript find the prime numbers between given range of number.

10) Write a javascript program to display day using switch function like 1-Sunday, 2- Monday…etc.

11) Write a XML program to display 3 book names with writers using external CSS to display different styles and colors.

12) Write a javascript to add two integers.

13) Write a HTML program to display date and time using date function.

14) Write a javascript program to display “Hello World” using display button.

15) Write a html program to display something using external CSS.

16) Write a javascript that reads integers and determines the square root of the integers using squareroot method of Math object.

17) Write a vbscript to display a two dimensional Array.

18) Write a vbscript to determine today using weekday function.

19) Reverse a string using vbscript. String is “Hello Everyone!”

20) Round two number 48.6678 and 48.3333 using vbscript.

21) Write a vbscript to return a specified number of characters from left to right side of a string.

22) Write a vbscript to replace some characters in a string.