What is Universal Account Number (UAN) ? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: For Employers
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What is Universal Account Number (UAN) ? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: For Employers

Q.1 What is UAN?

UAN stands for Universal Account Number to be allotted by EPFO. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to an individual by different establishments. The idea is to link multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it. If a member is already allotted Universal Account Number (UAN) then he / she is required to provide the same on joining new establishment to enable the employer to in-turn mark the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the already allotted Universal Identification Number (UAN).

Q.2 Who allots the UAN?

Universal Account Number (UAN) is being allotted by Employees’ Fund Organization (EPFO) only.

Q.3 To whom UAN is allotted?

UAN is allotted to all the contributory members of EPFO and disseminated through the employers.

Q.4 How UAN is allotted?

A Universal Account Number for each of the PF Account Number appearing in the ECR w.e.f. January 2014 to June 2014 has already been allotted by EPFO and available to employers on OTCP. Kindly read the User Manual for Employers to know about recurring/subsequent UAN generation/linking.

The link for User Manual for Employers is: User Manual

Q.5 What is the role of employer after downloading the UAN list from OTCP?

After downloading the UAN list, employer has to follow the steps as mentioned below:-

- Disseminate the UAN to Members

- Complete Form-11 i.e. Confirm Previous Employment for recurring/subsequent UAN generation/linking.

- Enter either individual KYC Details or upload bulk KYC by creating text file as per the Structure mentioned in EPFO Website.

- Upload the bulk KYC text file.

- View Error List if errors came while uploading the bulk KYC text file.

- Correct the errors in your text file and upload again.

- Approve the PDF generated automatically. Before approving, user must register Digital Signature Certificate.

- Update incomplete member’s details i.e. records where DOB, DOJ & Father’s/Husband’s Name is missing.

- Generate PDF after completing missing details.

- Approve with Digital Signature Certificate.

Q.6 Which Portal is facilitating UAN and KYC?

Employer can access UAN and manage KYC through OTCP. The URL is: https://employerclaims.epfoservices.in/

Q.7 How employer can see the UANs allotted to its members?

Yes, employer can very much see the UANs allotted by EPFO to the members of his/her establishment. He/she has to go to the UAN Menu, where there is an option ‘Download UAN List’. Just click ‘Download UAN List’, you will be able to see the UANs allotted to your members at a glance. If you want to download the PDF of the same, there is an option at the RHS of the page with hyperlink to download. Press this hyperlink, you will be moved to 5 options to download. Select as per your requirement and download the same.

Q.8 Is there any change in the Online ECR Return Filing through ECR Portal?

No, there will not be any change in filing online ECR Return through ECR Portal.

Q.9 Does employer has to still allot new member id to new employees?

Yes, new member id has to be allotted as per the existing process.

Q.10 What is the procedure to give UAN to new employees?

After successful ECR submission and remittance of the same in bank, the list of the employees without UAN in that ECR will be available in ‘Confirm Previous Employment’ link for either declaring previous employment details or fresh employment on the basis of Form-11 submitted by new member. Once it is approved by the employer, this information will be pushed to EPFO for UAN allotment/linkage accordingly. Newly allotted UAN List will be populated on the portal under the option ‘Download UAN List’.

Q.11 Can employer download the list of UAN by its creation?

Yes, employer has an option to download the UANs by its creation/ascending order/descending order/distribution. You have to click the hyperlink download PDF/Text and will get 4 hyperlinks for selecting the order as mentioned above.

Q.12 Can employer search UAN of other establishments?

Yes, employer can search UAN of other establishments by selecting an option ‘Search UAN’ in the UAN Menu using either Member ID or UAN.

Q.13 What is the method to correct the member’s details if appearing wrongly on UAN generated?

For any change/correction in the member’s details, member has to apply first for the same through employer only alongwith supporting documents. Afterwards, employer has to contact the concerned EPFO Field Office for change in member’s details alongwith supporting documents.

Q.14 How to provide the already allotted UAN to a member on joining new establishment?

Facility is given on OTCP to employers to declare such member ids (new member ids in the latest ECR file) against

a. Previous member id

b. UAN

c. First time membership & approve the same

Such declared member ids flow from OTCP to EPFO on daily basis. At EPFO, this information is being processed to:

i. Generate new UANs against member ids which do not have UAN.

ii. Link member ids against UAN having UAN, already generated against previous member id.

iii. Generate and link UAN against member id and previous member id if neither of them have UAN.

The processed information is pushed daily to the portal and this cycle continues.

For further details, please read the User Manual for Employers available at EPFO Website.

Q.15 Which documents are considered for KYC?

A. Following documents can be used for KYC:-

_National Population Register


_Permanent Account Number

_Bank Account Number


_Driving License

_Election Card

_Ration Card

_ESIC Card (Being introduced shortly)

B. However Bank Account number alongwith IFSC is compulsory and Aadhaar or PAN are necessary wherever issued to a member.

C. IFSC is to be given only against Bank Account number and not against any other type of KYC.

Q.16 Is there a need for the scanned copies of the KYC document?

No, there is no need for the scanned copies of any KYC document under bulk upload.

Q.17 What are the methods for uploading KYC?

KYC can be uploaded in following manner: - Bulk KYC Text File Upload (Process to create Bulk KYC Text File given at A.20can be used)

Q.18 What is Bulk KYC Text File?

If employer has one or more cases for uploading KYC, he can choose Bulk KYC Text File Upload rather uploading it individually. In case of Bulk KYC Text File Upload, he/she will have to make a text file as per the standard format given by EPFO and upload the same. The bulk upload file can be created by using either of the tools provided at our link as given under Q.No- 20.

Q.19 What is the structure for uploading of Bulk KYC text File?

Structure is being mentioned in the UserManual for Employers.

Q.20 How to prepare a Bulk KYC Text File?

Please read the Correct Method to upload Bulk KYC Text File as well as Manual of Excel File Utility and Manual of JAVA File Utility to create Bulk KYC Text File at the following links:




Q.21 What if the PDF generated after uploading Bulk KYC Text File does not have all the records?

The PDF will be generated only for those records which are complete in EPFO database in terms of Date of Birth, Date of Joining & Father’s/Husband’s Name. If your records are incomplete, they will be available in ‘Update Incomplete Member’s Details’ to add the missing details (DOB/DOJ/ Father’s/Husband’s Name and Relationship) and generate PDF for the same. For more details, please read the User Manual for Employers available at EPFO Website at the following link: http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_docs/PDFs/UAN_PDFs/UAN_ForEmployers/UserManual_Ver1.4_Employers_ne

Q.22 Is digital signature mandatory for uploading KYC.

No, Employer can upload KYC without having digital signature. But at the time of approval of KYC, digital signatures are mandatory.

Q.23 Is digital signature mandatory for approving KYC.

Yes, for approving KYC, digital signatures are mandatory.

Q.24 What is the requirement for Digital Signature Certificate verification of the KYC data in respect of each member?

Digital Signature Certificate should be of Type-II or Type-III category from approved vendors as given in Government of India website http://www.cca.gov.in

Q.25 Can employer view the Bulk KYC files uploaded wrongly?


How can I check the errors coming while uploading Bulk KYC Text file?

Yes, KYC files uploaded wrongly due to not abiding by the instructions mentioned in our manual by the employer, can be viewed in KYC Menu under the head ‘Error List’ wherein Errors alongwith the file details can be viewed.

Q.26 Can multiple KYC of same member be given in one KYC text file?

Yes, multiple KYCs of same member can be uploaded in one KYC Text File.

Q.27 How employer can seed another KYC of members after uploading once on OTCP?

Employer can create bulk KYC text file again wherein he/she can enter the other KYCs of the same members and upload once again.

Q.28 What if KYC of member is uploaded wrongly by the employer?

If KYC document of any member is uploaded wrongly by the employer, he/she has an option to upload and approve again the correct KYC of that member. In that case, the wrong one (previous) will reflect in history and the current KYC will be considered for all the purposes. If any transaction is held during the period of wrong KYC, it will be the responsibility of employer.

Q.29 Which name is to be given in Bulk KYC text file/individual KYC upload, in case of difference of name in KYC document and in EPFO database?

Employer has to feed the name as per the KYC document only. Side by side, employer will have to follow the separate procedure already laid down for change in name in our master.

Q.30 What is the procedure for correction in Name in EPFO Database?

EPFO has made a provision for change the name of EPF members in the application software. Members who wish to get their name to be changed in the EPF Database can apply for the same through their employer to the concerned local EPFO office alongwith supporting documents. In this regard a circular has already been issued to the field offices mentioning the supporting documents and the process flow.

Q.31 UAN has been allotted but Member Details are not available, where do I get details to update in portal?

In some cases, it has been noticed that the details of new members who have been added in ECR and allotted UAN are not getting populated in website portal because of pending reconciliation of ECR at the field office. You are suggested to contact your EPF field office for settlement of monthly ECR.

Q.32 Whether the present employer is allowed to link the previous member id based on the information furnished by the member through form 11 even if there is difference in date of birth or even if the details with previous employer is in-complete or there is mismatch?.

The validation of date of birth has been kept to ensure that the linking with UAN takes place for the correct member only. Any dilution in this validation might lead to linking of wrong member ids.

Q.33 Whether the member can correct his date of birth or to furnish the missing information of previous employment particulars through the present employer.

No, the correction in date of birth in the previous employment can be made through the previous employer only.

Q.34 Why are the KYC details re-confirmed by the present employer when the process of resubmission of KYC details is already available to the member himself directly?

The re-confirmation of the KYC details by the present employer leads to generation of auto transfer claim. As the process of transfer of accounts initiated thereafter has financial implications, it is necessary that the credentials of member are verified by the present employer viz.-a-viz. the information furnished by the previous employer. The KYC details of members helps in the authentication of the member by both the employers.

Q. 35 Why is it that the member activation is necessary for completing the process of auto transfer?

Response: The idea behind linking activation to EPFO services was to ensure that the members get updated status of any transactions taking place in their PF accounts on the mobile no. registered through activation.

Q.36 How can I seek the help for any queries related to this portal?

For queries related to Employer UAN services, you may contact:

Helpdesk Number: 18001-18005

Helpdesk Email Id: uanepf@epfindia.gov.in

PDF Version: Click Here